Introduction: Jailhouse Pumpkin

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first time i tried a two pumpkin jackolantern, i had intended to try another idea too.. but time flies when you are making 497 crafts in a week... so i guess ill save that one for next year.

Step 1: Pick Your Cage and Its Captive

make sure your "prisoner" will fit inside the other pumpkin

Step 2: Plan Your Cell

i used the "ribs" of my pumpkin to determine bar placement , Dry erase markers work great for pumpkin carving as it can be simply wiped off at the end. If you are a more structured type of person than me you could actually draw each bar, i simply pu an x on the one i planned to remove and made sure i marked a placement for the hands

Step 3: Gather Your Implements of Destruction.

i used standard pumpkin carving kits, as well as a drill , exacto kife and veggie peeler. cut the top off of both pumpkins and clean out all the goo from inside.

(sadly i didn't take a picture of this step but if you are in doubt google will provide a whole lot of images on this))

Step 4: Build Your Jail.

remember to leave some extra where the "hands" are try to remove the ribs in large pieces (you will need 2 of these for arms)

Step 5: Make Him Sorry!

carve an appropriately horrified face on your smaller pumpkin. I freehanded mine, you could use a stncil if you prefer). I utilized the drill and exacto knife on the small one . drilling ,with a small bit, the outline i had drawn, then connecting the dots with the exacto knife. and finishing up by "skinning" the teeth.

Step 6: Incarcerate Him!

one note here, it would be wise to make sure when removing the top of your "jail" that the prisoner easily fits. Since i like making things difficult.. i just eyeballed this ..and fitting him in was sort of like reverse delivery of a baby)

Step 7: Details , Details, Details.

skin the bars to make them more round, detail (i used an exacto kife) the hands so they appear to be holding on . position your prisoner where you want. use a straight pin (toothpick, wire, dowel, stick, or whatever is clever and handy would also work) to secure him there. use the ribs from jail pumpkin to make arms from ur captive to his hands. cut to appropriate size and use pins (or any of the above listed) to secure them

Step 8: Set Him Outside Next to His Much Easier to Make Friend

go fetch the camera that doesn't have a flash!

Step 9: Poor Guy

take a better picture in which u can get some of the effect

(please note steps 8 and 9 are optional)

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