Introduction: Jewel Your Feet!

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Going to the beach for a party? Ever try walking in soft beach sand in heels? ahmm you  sink!

Here's the perfect solution...Barefoot thongs...well...they are not exactly sandals....but they sure do look pretty.. and is great for a bridal foot wear.
What these darlings do to your feet are the same thing earrings and necklaces do to your outfit... it gives that extra pizazz and
and makes your feet look gorgeous!

What's great about this is you can wear them with flip flops and so dress up boring white or ivory flip flops.

You can also twist it and wear it in your hands! take a look :-D

Step 1: Beads Beads Beads!

Get your beads...
I wanted a sea theme so I went with blues and greens.
I got grey bugle beads
small green beads.
a few larger green beads,
small blue crystal beads
and some large crystal beads.
round slilver balls
and also some silver beads..sort of flat...please check next step for picture.
Also elastic thread.

Step 2: Make Your Flowers

Take 5 silver beads( the once that looks like a flying saucer) .
Pass a thread through it  and tie a knot to the beginning forming a flower. make six per anklet.

Step 3: Assemble

Take a long elastic string. Pass the small alternately. Green, blue, green, blue, green. Pass till you make about 4" and end with the same bead you began.
Pass both ends of the cord through the large silver ball, small blue bead, grey bugle bead, blue bead, large green bead, blue bead, flower ring and 2 large blue crystal bead, flower ring, blue bead, large green bead, blue bead.
Now...separate the cord again and add a bugle bead in each.
Now add 2 small green bead, 1 small blue crystal, 2 small green bead, bugle bead. repeat once more and then add 1 silver flower ring, 1 large blue crystal, 1 flower ring .
Do the same for the other side.
Now repeat sequence of 2 small green bead, 1 small blue crystal, 2 small green bead, bugle bead....till you get the desired length.

How to decide the proper length?
Wear your foot tong and pull the elastic ends around your ankle to the back..pull a bit tight...but not too tight that it's uncomfortable. Check and see if the elastic is showing around your ankle...i f it is then add more beads. what way when you wear it the elastic wouldn't show and it wouldn't easily fall off..
Once you are happy with the fit..tie a knot and cut off excess...dab a bit of glue on the knot.

A person with a larger foot can wear it too as it is flexible and the elastic won't show as you can push up near the the blank space would be under the toe.
as the elastic is pulled more than the length of the beads...a person with smaller feet can wear it too...if it's too large... slip the toe string part around the 4th toe..done!

I'm a size 8 and my daughter is a size 2...we both can wear the same thing :-) she of course around her little 4th toe too!

Step 4: Wear It!

I like it soooo much that I wear it at home too!.
It makes my feet look soooooo much nicer :-D haha

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