Introduction: Jewelry Set Made of Sunflower Seeds!

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As part of this instructable i shall elaborate the steps involved in creating complete jewel set with main source from natural ingredients.


As per your choice and design.

Step 1: Design Phase: Trial and Error Cases_Set1(Corn)

As i am trying something new with base concept of making with seeds/pulses i went through a 5-6 design ideas earlier before i come up with making the jewelry set with Sunflower seeds(kernel part of the dried seed).

First, i tried with simple corn

Second, corn with mung beans

Third, corn with Horsegram

But they did not turn up well.

Step 2: Design Phase: Trial and Error Cases_Set2(Rice Grains)

So moved on to try with Rice grains. The design was quite tricky, but felt that it may work well for ear stud but not for full jewel set.

Here are some trials, with rice grains:

1. Arranging rice grains of any order.

2. Arranging rice grains with embryo facing inward and hull part facing outward.

3. Arranging rice grains with hull part facing inward and embryo facing inward.

Step 3: Design Phase: Trial and Error Cases_Set3(Sunflower Seeds)

Finally, by the time i got to remember that i have sunflower seeds kept somewhere which i bought to feed the pigeons found roaming around my home. But pigeons were not much interested towards these grain and it was in my stock room.

Here are some pictures of the Design trial cases with sunflower seeds that brought the confidence to proceed further.

Step 4: Manual Sorting of Seeds, by Size!

Now, in order to further work with the seeds especially for the jewelry set patterns we would require the seeds to be sorted in order of any variations. So here i sequentially sort the seeds according to their sizes and placed them in separate boxes to use it easily.

Sequencing and sorting:

I manually separated seeds of 5 varying sizes from

1. 5mm to 20mm sizes

2. Broader/lengthier

Step 5: Work Phase: Prepare Supplies

To work with the seeds to cater to our design, we would require few basic tools to:

1. Draw outline into paper medium

2. Pick and place the seeds, using tweezers

3. Glue the design/parts

4. For most of the stud preparation, i am gonna make use of my unused ear studs and make it accordingly as per my design.

Supplies, as shown in the picture:

Black colour thick paper sheet/chart paper




Strong glue

Acrylic paints


Step 6: Work Phase: Prepare Supplies(continued)

In addition to that, to cut the paper medium at required places i would also use scalpel apart from scissors.

As i do not have scalpel, i plan to make use of the blade available with the pencil sharpener and insert it into unused paint brush and use it as scalpel purpose.

Step 7: Making of the Flower Pattern

  • I drew outline in circles on the black colour sheet and cut them accordingly.
  • Marked the centre portion and inserted the stud.
  • Glued the sheet and placed the seeds using tweezers, surrounding the stud at the centre.

I made similar flowers of required numbers, repeating the above process.

Step 8: Pendant, for Neck Piece

For the making of the pendant of the neck piece:

1. I drew concentric circles, leaving space at the centre part.

2. Glued the outer circle, placed the seeds dried it.

3. For every alternate inner circle after drying the glued seeds, i applied acrylic golden colour.

Step 9: Placing Stud and Backside Support for Flower Patterns

To every individual flower patterns created in step7, i added beads at the centre part and ring like support at the backside of the pattern.

Step 10: Finger Ring!

I had an unused metal finger ring. To it, i added the flower pattern and made it as a matching Finger Ring, for the pendant of the neck piece.

Step 11: Bangle!

For the bangle part, i had an unused metal bangle. To it, i added the flower pattern and made it as a matching Bangle, for the pendant of the neck piece.

Step 12: Neck Piece!

I added strong ring support at the backside of the pendant. I had an unused metal chain. So i inserted the pendant to the metal chain to make it as the ear piece.

Now the pendant neck piece and its matching ear piece is compiled.

Step 13: Anklet!

I used a plain anklet thread to insert the flower patterns (in alignment with the pendant).

Before inserting, i measured the required space to be left between each flower pattern. I put a knot at the backside of the every flower pattern in the anklet wire.

Step 14: Forehead Jewel!

To a flower pattern, i added connected small rings(as in picture) which is in chain type. Now the hook in the chain type could be used to cling the forehead jewel to the front hairs(when braided)

Step 15: A Portrait of Mine, Posing for the Jewelry!

I tried to draw a portrait of mine(on my own) few years ago. It was a rough sketch. So made use of it, to pose for my jewellery :-)

Step 16: Clicks Around!

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