Introduction: Kids Bunny Necklace - Easter Jewelry

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This is DIY tutorial for beautiful paper bunny necklace for kids.

Its a Easter jewellery, though it is more suitable for kids, but some of my friends, also love this cute pendant and want for themselves..

This is also entry for "2019 Jewellery Contest", so if you feel its interesting, please vote. So lets start, the easy beautiful bunny pendant..

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  1. 3 mm quilling paper ( green, whitish grey, orange, baby pink)
  2. Quilling tools
  3. Craft clear glue (its clear when dry)

  4. Jump ring, leather necklace cord

Step 2: Making Face and Body Base

Make two tight rolls of grey colour, one made of 5 strips and other of 12 strips.

To make tight roll:

Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool, and start rolling, when almost done, place glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. And remove it from the tool.

Step 3: Making Ears

  • Make a very loose roll of baby pink colour
  • press it from one side as shown
  • then press it to give the shape of ear
  • cover he shape with grey strip as shown, and secure the end part with glue.
  • add some more glue on it, press from both side, hold for while, to give desire shape of ear.

  • When dry, bend it with the help of fingers, to give a bunny ear shape
  • make one more ear similarly.

Step 4: Attach Face Body and Ears

attach face, body, and ears with using glue.

Please refer picture,

Step 5: Making Hand

Make two loose coil using one strip each (grey colour)

For an loose coil:

Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool, and start rolling, when finish the coil, then remove it from the tool and allow it to expand. Once it has fully expanded, add glue and press the strip carefully to secure.

Press the coil from both side and bend little to make hands.

glue it with body, hold for some time till it dry.

Step 6: Are You Satisfy With the Basic Shape?

Now, this is the time, the bunny is in its basic shape, plz review and be satisfy with the creation

once, feel OK, go to next step...

Step 7: Making Legs

For legs, i took half grey strip and half baby pink strip.

  • make one loose roll of baby pink colour, cover it with grey colour as shown.
  • secure the end part with glue
  • once dried, press one side of the coil, and give a tear drop shape.
  • make two same like this.
  • fix the legs with glue as shown.

Step 8: Making Nose

Its easy !!

Make one white tight roll, using one strip.

press both side slightly, give a oval shape

glue it on the face, refer picture for how to do..

Step 9: Making Carrot

For carrot,

  • I took two orange strips.
  • make two separate tight rolls
  • make one cone shape using pencil from one tight roll
  • make one dome shape using pencil from another tight roll
  • glue both inside and outside of cone and dome shape, let it dry
  • after drying, attach both of them with glue, it will look like carrot.
  • refer picture

Step 10: Making Petals

for one petal, I took 1/4th of one strip, as the petals are really tiny.

make a little lose roll

press from both side

secure with the glue.

make 3 petals like that.

Step 11: Gift the Carrot to Rabbit !!

Now, attach the carrot to the rabbit as shown in the picture

attach tiny petals too.

Step 12: Few More Tiny Parts !! Lets Complete It

  1. make two tiny tight rolls for eyes.
  2. for nose, i cut the 3mm baby pink strip in half in long edge. its 1.5 mm now.
  3. make another very very tiny baby pink tight roll and glue it as nose.
  4. Refer picture.
  5. Our cute bunny is about to finish..

Step 13: Attach Findings

attach a jump ring with one of the ears.

I use leather necklace cord to hang this pendant..

Step 14: Finally How It Looks

Now, this is the final look of my cute bunny necklace.

I am sure, kids will love this..

If you also love my creation, please vote for me.

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