Knex Escavator

Introduction: Knex Escavator

About: My main field of work is knex. I work to innovate and create things people just haven't thought to make. My secondary field of work is aquariums.

This is a working Knex Escavator. You operate it by pulling and lifting certain levers. It is able to lift some objects. Pic 2 is a picture of the main lever but it has a lock on it which is the red rod going through it. Pic 3 is a picture of the overall control box with all levers in it. Remember to comment and rate.

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    The Nugget
    The Nugget

    8 years ago

    Can you invest some time to make instructions? Would be cool to build myself!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sure, I will have to remake it but it wont be hard, I might actually improve it before I release instructions