Introduction: Knex RW1

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Hello friendly stalkers of knex, and this is my new knex RW1 from advanced warfare. When this gun is used right, it's a beast. From all the cods and battle fields I've played this is the first one shot pistol I've ever used. This thing a a monster sniper with the stock chopped off and is break action. If you unlock the rail driver people get chill bumps when you join lobby number 38 of 50. lol that's it for my epic intro. Before you all start, I know there are some aspects of this that are not correct. Ex the trigger guard needs to be longer, but the barrel has to be able to drop down meaning the trigger guard has to be pushed back a bit.

50-60 ish feet
Super duper comfy handle (finally found me a handle that is sturdy and comfortable)
For the most part looks right
Realistic break action
Decent pin pull
Shoots high at close range
I could not use paneling on the back portion of the gun

So that's it and remember to leave some
Feedback in da comments below, or above if your stuck on the stupid IOS app that doesn't have a reply button.

Step 1: With Scope

I had a request to make a scope for this but it's not much compared to the gun its self.