Introduction: LATE: Grinch Face Paint

About: I body paint

Step 1: Base

I painted my face light green then I used a white eyeliner to sketch out my design.

Step 2: Eyebrows

I used a lime green as the base of the eyebrows, then I used a matte black eyeshadow on top very lightly, then I used a dark green body paint with a detail brush and placed little hair like lines on top of that.

Step 3: Wrinkles

I used a dark green matte eyeshadow to start my wrinkles then used a matte black eyeshadow to deepen some spots.

Step 4: Nose and Lips

Using black body paint I painted on my nose, then drug the black down to my top lip. I then used a peach color body paint (you can use lipstick) to color in my bottom lip only.

Step 5: Random Detail

I used a detail brush and black body paint to add whisker dots. Then I used white to add highlights to the nose and mouth.

Step 6: Eyes

I used dark green eyeshadow on my lid, lined my eyes with black eyeliner, used black body paint to add three long lashes on both eyes, then added mascara on my eyelashes.

Step 7: More Detail

Using a dark green body paint I went over some lines. Then I used a yellow cream makeup to add highlights on my cheeks, nose, and wherever else seemed right.

Step 8: Body

Very simple. Green on neck, white on fluffy stuff, and red on the rest. You can also add some shadows with black matte eyeshadow. ^^

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