Introduction: Lace Painting

Lace can’t be too thick


You will need a piece of lace big enough to cover your project. Two different paint colors. One flat brush

Step 1: Make a Slab

Get a piece of clay put it through the slab roller.

Step 2: Smooth

Grab a sponge smooth out the slab. Then grab a metal smoothing tool and smooth out the wet clay.

Step 3: Shape

Cut out your desired shape to work with.

Step 4: Dry

Wait for your shape to dry.

Step 5: Paint

Paint your shape the desired base color you want.

Step 6: Lace

Grab a piece of lace big enough to cover your project

Step 7: Paint

Use the second color you picked out and paint over the lace.

Step 8: Dry

Dry it with the hair dryer and repeat step 7, 2 more times.

Step 9: Off

Take off the lace carefully from the edge to ensure the design shows.

Step 10: Final Product

This is after it’s gone through the kiln