Introduction: Lego Chicken With Clothes On

Have you ever wanted to make chicken with clothes on out of legos? Well I'm going to show you how to do it.It's really simple if you just work hard.Well I hope you enjoy making a chicken with clothes on!

Step 1: The Blue Shoes

get two 4 by 4 blocks.

Step 2: The Bottom of the Pants

connect the bridge lego to the blocks

Step 3: The Top of the Pants

add some yellow blocks over the bridge

Step 4: The Shirt

add a lot of blue legos and some arms to the legs

Step 5: Part of the Head

add a 4 by 4 lego and a two 2 by 2 legos stacked on top of each other

Step 6: The Whole Thing Finished

and now add a small skinny lego and a 2 by 2 lego and it is now finished