Lego Settler Assault Rifle (or AK-47)

Introduction: Lego Settler Assault Rifle (or AK-47)

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Hello guys! I decide to build a Settler Assault Rifle from Rage( a post apocalypse Fps after a gigantic meteor strikes Earth and majority of people died and few people survived and most of the dead people became mutants, this game is pretty good!) It's based on Ak-47 and I thought it was cool so I built it. By the way, I'm starting to make bunch of guns from video games and you guys can request me to make guns from Call of Duty, Halo, Rage, Bioshock, (sorry Fallout and Wolfenstein fans, Fallout is not that attractive to me and Wolfenstein is too violent for me although I play M games( I don't like the idea of Nazi take over the world) ). You can request it by leaving something on my orangeboard or just leave it here. Let's get to work!

Step 1: Step1: the Grip

Step 2: Step2: the Body

Step 3: Step3: the Mechanism

Step 4: Step4: the Body

After you finish the mechanism, you put the body and mechanism together

Step 5: Step5: the Magazine

Step 6: Step6: ???

I am not a weapon expert so I have no idea what they call for the front of the gun.

Step 7: Step7: the Stock

After you finish the stock, put everything together and you are good to go!

Step 8: Loading

I recommend you to use those big rubber bands( not the small ones) to load, I am not sure what's the max rubber bands you can put, I've put 8 for mine. You can try it!

Step 9: The End!

Ok guys, thanks for supporting me and I will make at least one gun per month and if your request was confirmed I'll leave something on your orangeboard. And make sure to vote me on the props contest!

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Lego Genius
Lego Genius

Reply 5 years ago

Yes, thank you for adding a tutorial! :)