Introduction: Logan Movie Comic Prop 2017 - Home Made Comic Replica

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Welcome to another of my Instructables that if your a fan of X-Men, Wolverine, Logan, Comics Collectables and movie props is one for you.

Should add this Instructable will contain NO SPOILERS for those who have not yet seen the 2017 Marvel Movie : Logan, which I'm sad to say is the last time Hugh Jackman will be playing his iconic role of Wolverine AKA Logan AKA Weapon X.

What I will tell you tho is the film does have a some great bits, ( the Pre Trailer for Deadpool 2 still has me laughing ) but enough of that we are here to talk movie props. In the film you see Logan hold up 2 comics while trying to make a point. I will not say what this is but they have been featured in a number of trailers and posters.

I'm sad to say these comics are a one off, created one for the film and will not be produced for the public, Happiley tho I will show you have to "Make your own"

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this simple project you will need :

- A3 or A4 Paper - you can use A4 and stick 2 pages together but A3 works best if your printer supports that size - Most stationary shops will stock this I got 500 sheets for £9.99 ( at least I will have spare!! )

- Decent Colour Printer or Photo Printer ( With Ink LOL ) Using A3 your "standard home printer" might not fit but you can use the A4 if needed

- Scissors / Craft knife or Guillotine

- Staples

- The attached Images ( simplaay Open Right Click and Save )

- Comics ( Optional Old new doesn't matter )

Step 2: First Things First.......

Now, I should explain about these "Comics" Since they are not put into production obviously this means they do not exist. Lucky for us we live in a world where you can find anything on the interweb.

My end plan for these is to frame them both up with a poster of the film and printed picture of Hugh Jackman holding them from the film ( a signed picture and the comics signed would be EPIC!!!!!!! but I can only dream )

Anyway back to the point, After ages of searching I managed to find images of the front covers online on Google search image, Obviously fan made re - creations or scans of the originals, Who and where from I do not know so unfortunarlly cannot give the credit to for these bits of artwork.

Then again using Google I did some searching for back sections of the cover and other Marvel comic back covers and advitisement which I would assume are from the same time period (80's / 90's ) and fit in nicely with the play on the fact that you have a comic book hero, holding a comic book which is about them in a movie.................if that makes sense, I'm not so sure now?!?!?. ( ie : so if the X-Men are "real", are the avengers etc..........and at one stage must have been legendary in their own right to have a comic after them )

Then playing around in Photoshop and Microsoft Paint (yes someone who still used paint LOL ) managed to put them into one easy JPEG doc for printing in one sheet, feel free to download or right click and save these as you wish, amend and do what you will with. You will notice a slight white gap down the middle this will become your "spine" of the comic left white to see where to fold and easy to figure out where to put in the staple later.

Step 3: To the Printing.........

This part seems the easiest but its not lol so bear with it..........Size is key here so it might be worth thinking about how your going to come about this.

A standard comic book* not an annual, a standard book is aprox 10.24" in Height and 6.63" in width ( 25.7cm X 16.8cm ). BUT with both pages of the cover this will more likely be 10.24" tall ( the same height ) BUT DOUBLE THE WIDTH AT 13.26" as we are printing the entire front and back covers together.

So you have the images saved, now you will need to open them up and go to :

A4 Version

  1. Go to print settings and set paper size to A4
  2. Use the Margins and adjustment tools normally on the right hand side to print to the measurements 10.24" tall and 6.63 Width
  3. and Print

A3 Version

  1. Go to print settings and set the paper size to A3 or Custom depending on your printer size
  2. Trim your paper if needed as standard A3 might not fit width wise in your printer
  3. Select plain paper and Colour Print
  4. Now your need to judge the size to print the image, most printer will give you standard options, these can be changed and your own entered depending on your software. ( REMEMBER TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION the whole document 10.24" tall 13.26" wide double the width )
  5. Then when all is complete simply Print

Addition things to note before you print :

- Use an old X-Men comic and remove the front page and attach this too

- Use blank paper and cut to size then attach together and use as a full comic effect, make it into a note book whatever

Step 4: Printing Inner Pages Then Cutting

Before cutting, yes that's right before, so put down the scissors, you should decide how far your going to go. Now once the document has printed you should decide if you are going to do the inside of the cover.

As stated I will be using 2 very sorry for themselves X-Men Comics. Normally I find a bit of ware great this adds to their charm but these are beyond that, not key issues, and not high value so I will break my rule of not using genuine comics for craft purposes this once, So because I'm doing this I will need to print something on the inside of the pages.

I went with the Logan retro trailer poster and a retro black and white comic art stetch & Old Toy promotion (also found on Google and pieced together as on piece and attached at the bottom ) just for laughs but do as you wish with that part, simply use the section you have printed and put in in your printer, and just flip the paper horizontally and the printer should print in the same place on the back. ( I've attached the one I used at the bottom incase anyone wants to use it

NOW once done you can cut, use either scissors or a guillotine and cut carefully you printed image

Step 5: Fitting New Cover to the Comic

Now if your just using plain blank paper you will need to trace, measure and cut your pages to size, 10 should do as once folded in half will give the 20 odd pages an average comic thickness.

I am going to get carefully removing the old cover buy opening the comic to the middle and using a multi tool or what ever you feel is needed blunt knife etc and carefully opening up the stapes in the middle and then pulling out from the spine, most comics have 2.

When this is done test fit, don't bend or fold yet, some edges might still need trimming.

When Happy use a staple to push through the inside middle of the comic through the original holes and then through the new cover, I found this the best way to go as not to make new holes in the comic itself ( if you are just using blank pages you will just have to go where you think and use a stapler but not close it once push through.

now make sure you are happy and remove the staple and now push it through the front cover facing the edges through the comic into the middle, then lay the comic flat on the cover open in the middle and close off the staples, either by hand or using your knife or multi tool.

NOTE : keep the pages together as much as possible to help keep the holes in line, paper clips come in very hands holding the pages together.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now your finished you new comic is complete and your free to read it, frame it do as you will.

Mine will be framed as said at the start with some pictures and a poster to have a one off piece. But the great thing about this is this is a very simple way to make your own comic, use your own images, draw your own story to go with your own cover if you want, it doesn't have to be a movie prop replica it can be a one off.

I hope you all like and enjoy the Instructable, any questions please feel free to ask