Introduction: Make Rock Pendants From Soda Can Tabs!

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When I was younger, I developed some ways to make cool jewelry with things I had around the house. This was one of my favorites, partially because I have a tendency to collect rocks (my room is full of them). It is a very simple project and looks attractive. It is also a good way to use that jar of soda can tabs you have lying around! (let's be honest; we all do)

You will need:

- A soda can tab

- A rock, about the size or smaller than your tab (you could also use sea glass or a bead)

- A jump ring

- Wire (I have 26 gauge wire that worked well for this)

- Wire cutters/ scissors

- Something to poke a hole in the tab with (I have a sharp tool that came with some craft kit a long time ago)

Step 1: Add the Jump Ring

Using your sharp tool, poke a small hole in the larger side of the tab, close to the top. Put the jump ring through.

Step 2: Prepare the Tab

Cut off a piece of wire, about a foot long. Attach this wire to one hole of the tab by wrapping it around itself a few times.

Step 3: Wrap the Wire

Take your rock and lay it across the tab where you want it. Pull the wire across the rock. Pull the wire through a hole in the tab and wrap the wire around the edge of the hole. Continue to pull the wire across the rock and through the hole until the rock is secure and the desired effect is achieved.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you have finished wrapping the rock against the tab, take the wire that is left over and wrap it around the edge of a hole a few times in the same place so the wire is secure. Cut off the remaining bit of wire. Now you have a rock pendant! Put it on a chain for a necklace, or find two matching rocks to make earrings with. You could also try adding small beads to the wrapped wire to add an extra effect.

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