Marble Effect

Introduction: Marble Effect

Do you want your projects to be eye catching? Try a new painting technique -- marble effect.


- plate

- toothpick

- under glaze paint

- shaving cream

- project of choice (preferably bisque)

Step 1: Shaving Cream Time

Apply a generous amount of shaving cream. After applying the shaving cream, its best to smooth it out using a spoon or a brush.

Step 2: Preparing the Paint

Pour a bit of paint on top of the shaving cream. Then, grab your toothpick and make a pattern of your choice to spread the paint around.

**Tip: Do NOT mix paint completely**

Step 3: Have Fun Painting

Get your project and roll it on top of the paint & shaving cream. Do not worry about getting your project and hands dirty.

Step 4: Bubble Bath

Take your project to the sink and let the water wash down the shaving cream, and fire the project for a second time.

**Tip: Do NOT rub the paint off, this will cause the paint to come off completely and the marble effect will not appear.**

Step 5: End Results

Play around with the paint and designs as much as you want for different and colorful results.

**Tip: Under glaze paint is not shiny and smooth, it is optional to apply a coat of clear glaze.**

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    That is really neat! I didn't know you could so something like that using shaving cream with clay :)