Introduction: Minecraft: Easy Real Life Items

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Easy and quick, making these items will add even more spice to your Minecraft head if used as a costume!

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is an easy and quick instructable, and you only need a couple things. (TooManyItems mod not needed!)

-Printer paper (Not shown)
-Printer (Not shown)
-Computer (Not shown)

Step 2: Find Your Items

Hop onto Google Images and look for a clear picture of your item. Sizing and colors etcetera are all up to you. Be sure your picture isn't too small, but also not bigger than your piece of cardboard. Some good examples of what to use as your items are shown above!

Step 3: Cut Away!

Cut out your picture, making sure to get it in all of it's pixelated beauty! Once that is complete, check that you hadn't cut out any of the pixel chunks in the outside, or the finished product won't look as good!

Step 4: Glue Everything!

Coat either the picture or the cardboard with glue. Make sure it's even and that all corners are well covered. Stick the picture to the cardboard and let it dry.

Step 5: A Little More Cutting...

Now, using your boxcutters, begin to cut around the item. Cut on a non breakable or damageable surface, because the boxcutters will destroy the surface if it is. Be careful while cutting out the item and take your time! The product will look better and you'll keep all your fingers!

Step 6: Pop!

If the item hasn't already come loose, just pop it out. If it doesn't come out when pushed gently, go over your cuts with the boxcutters again.

Step 7: End Product

Good job! Add whatever finishing riches you feel the item needs, but mine came out fine. My items also aren't double sided, so if you wanted to, you could make the item have a picture of the item on each side, just to make it look better. Thanks for checking this instructable out and be sure to vote for this and my other instructables in the Game.Life 4 contest! Have a great day!

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