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How to turn a Minecraft gift card into a minecraft light switch wall plate!

Step 1: Cutting the Gift Card.

First cut the price and the mojang logo off the card with a utility knife or an exacto knife. I used a ruler for a nice straight edge!

Step 2: Tracing Holes

Trace the square light switch holes and the circular screw holes onto the back of the gift card. You could tape the card to the plate if you want. I used a mechanical pencil.

Step 3: Cut Holes

So now you use the exacto knife or utility knife and cut the square light switch holes. For the screw holes I used a drill bit. You can use a 1/4 drill bit but I prefer to slide a bit that works smoothly and is more exact.

Step 4: Color Screws

The screws to a wall plate are white. They look better black. Use a sharpie or black paint and paint the heads of the screws.

Step 5: Attach Card to Plate

Attach the card to the plate with screws, you don't need glue. Just use the screws. If you tighten these screws down too hard it will cause the plate to break and the card to bend, so make sure you don't gorilla tighten the screws. The only other thing you could do is paint the wall plate black ahead of time, and you could use a drill bit with a personal bit to give the card a flush/smooth look. There you have it a custom minecraft plate!

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