Introduction: Mini Greetings Card

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Here i am sharing with you, easy DIY card which you can make easily.

Happy crafting!!!

Step 1: What We Need?

  1. 300 gsm water colour paper
  2. 3mm quilling strips
  3. scissor
  4. fevicol / gum
  5. colour pencils
  6. quilling tools

Step 2: Making Base

I use 300 GSM water colour paper as base.

fold it in half, now the the final card size will be 10cm by 14 cm, which can be easily fit into your pocket, and could be surprise gift to your loved one...

Step 3:

I use 3 mm quilling strips for making boarder.

paste the quilling strips as shown in the card with the help of gum.

Step 4: Draw Background:

I use pencils colours for background.

I use three shades of green with yellow to colour the lower part of the card.

and, dark and light shades of blue to draw cloud.

Step 5: Making Honey Bee

make a black colour tight roll using two strips, press it in one side and give a honey drop shape.

make one black tight roll of one strip for head.

two loose roll honey drop shape for wings.

I paste yellow strip on bee's body to give an original look.

arrange all together to make the honey bee.

for making shape , kindly visit :

Step 6: Making Flowers

I made tear drop shape, honey drop shape, Malaysian flower petal shape to make flowers !!

for making shape , kindly visit :

Step 7:

Arrange all parts to give the final look.

Step 8: Finally Done

Arrange all the flowers, honey bee, petals and give the final look as shown..

great !!!!

Your surprise mini greeting card completed..

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