Introduction: Mini Marshmallow Launcher

You can use your mini marshmallow Launcher to...
shoot mini marshmallows into your mouth, shoot at friends or just have a marshmallow fight!


You will need cardboard tube, tape, small rubber bands,
3 toothpicks and scissors.

Step 1: Making the Shell

Get a cardboard tube and cut it down the middle, then cut off about two inches of the bottom you should have a long strip of cardboard. Fold it in half an cut it in half and cut it, then roll it up and tape it

Step 2: Make Insert

Use the other side of the card board that you cut and cut it in half and make a smaller tube to go inside the bigger one and make sure a mini marshmallow can’t fit in the small one. Poke a hole with the toothpick near the bottom of the small one ( you can use scissors to make a small hole)

Step 3: Slits!!!

On the bigger tube cut a 2 slits small on either side then put the rubber bands in the slits and tape around the top so the rubber bands will not fall out. ( double up the rubber bands to make it stronger

Step 4: Finish

Put the small part in the big part and attach the 2 rubber bands, put the marshmallow in and have a blast
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