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For those of you who are Super Mario game fans this is a mini-Yoshi. I made it from Fimo sculpting clay that hardens in a heated environment  of 230 degrees F. for 30 minutes. Easy as pie! By the way Yoshi is a cool little dragon that Mario rides in the game. Here is how to make him!

Step 1: Get Some FIMO Sculpting Clay

The brand of sculpting clay I used is FIMO. It has two grades: Classic and Soft. I like the classic because it does not sag while making your sculpture parts. The soft is OK if you are not a perfectionist and want exacting size details. Michael's Crafts and A.C. Moore has this product. Color choices are great. There is even one that glows in the dark. Nice!  Oh, yes follow the directions on the package! WARNING: Do not inhale the fumes while baking this, wash hands after sculpting, do not eat this clay stuff, do not place unhardened material on painted or finished surfaces, etc..,etc... CHILDREN must be supervised when using this product!!!! READ THE LABEL!!!!  

Step 2: Sculpting Tools

Here are some of my sculpting tools that I  have acquired  over the years. But I mostly used my hands for this little guy. Except for his nostrils.

Step 3: Heat the Finished Sculpture

To harden this clay you must heat it to 230 degrees F in an oven for 30 minutes.  I used my small toaster oven. Put an oven thermometer inside to see the correct temp. The oven settings are not  accurate.

Step 4: Take Out of Oven and Cool

Ok, take your sculpture out of the oven after 30 min. and let cool.

Step 5: YOSHI Side View

Step 6: Front View

Step 7: Yoshi

This can be a cool key ring fob thingy. Just screw in a small threaded eyelet before or after heating , to hook onto a key chain  or whatever ! (available at hardware stores, real tiny ones are about 1/8 inches round eyelet diameter)  Enjoy, have fun, be safe! Triumphman

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