Introduction: Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol Part 2 (Metal Parts)

In this section we will discuss giving plastic pieces that metal look! This method can be used on any item but I will be using the Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol, feel free to use what ever your creative side desires...

Step 1: Materials:

If you missed part 1

In this part we will use the:

Flutophone Pistol (For Instructable click here )

Black spray paint

Rub 'n Buff Metallic Silver Leaf

Rub 'n Buff Wax Metallic Finish, Gold Leaf

Step 2: Painting Inside the Barrel:

Place the pistol in a way you can shoot a couple quick shots down the barrel. I just placed mine off the the edge of my paint table and sprayed twice down the barrel.

Let it dry:

Step 3: Paint the Gun:

Once the paint is dry, stand the gun on it barrel and paint the entire pistol black. Be sure to cover all the pieces but not to drown out the details with too many coats of paint

Let it dry:

Step 4: The Barrel:

Squeeze a small portion of the silver Rub 'n Buff onto a paper plate/piece of cardboard or if your cool enough to have a palette.

Using your finger and rub it in a small area of the plate to remove the excess. (You can use rubber gloves if you don't like to get to get dirty, but i prefer to to feel the amount of material on my fingers and the pressure that I'm placing against the pistol.)

Using long strokes cover the barrel carefully getting between the wires. Apply very gentle pressure in areas that you want shading and detail (the Grover-Trophy logo).

Cover the entirety of the gun except the the wooden handle, trigger, trigger housing and wires. Be sure to get inside the barrel starting from the back and rubbing out words. You will probably get some smudges on the wooden handle portion. that's ok we will be painting that separately in section 3 of this tutorial.

Step 5: Apply the Gold Rub N' Buff

Wash the silver off your fingers or change your gloves before applying the gold coloring.

Using the same method as the silver, apply the gold to the remaining parts of the pistol except the wooden handle.

Step 6: Do the Gold Band (optional)

I also did the ring at the front to look like a brass band...

Step 7: Now Part 3

This completes part 2, Part 3 is now available (painting the wooden handles)