Introduction: Multilayer Tassel Earing

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Now a days tassel earing are in trend. And I am interested in buying tassel earing but their price is little bit high. So, I have decided to do something which can save my money as well as fulfill my desire of wearing tassel earing. For this I am going to make my own homemade multilayer tassel earing. These earing are very easy to make, less time consuming and main thing is that, it is very cheap and anybody can afford to make this very conveniently. I know it is not a brilliant idea but one can create beautiful earing with this idea. These earing can be suitable with any of your dresses and it will look cool. Tassel earing are loved by the girls who are studing in school and colleges. By using different colours of thread we can create a adorable ornaments. By adding some other colours of thread can change their look and shows the creativity. It is an easy and cheapest way of creation. It look fashionable and cool on you, it will be compatible with any of your dresses. It will give you a gradient look and you are going to love it. We can use colourful threads to make a beautiful tassel earings by following the given steps.


· Grey thread

· Needle

· Earing hook

· White pearls

· Scale

Step 1: Wrap the Thread

Take a scale to wrap the thread on it with equal length. You can increase and decrease. Wrap the grey thread around the scale until you have used up the entire scale.

Step 2: Cut the Thread

Cut the wrapped thread from the scale and lay down the thread. Then fold the thread in half. Place a piece of floss underneath about ½ inch from top of the tassel. Wind both ends of floss around the tassel in opposite directions about 5-6 times.

Step 3: Cut the Tassel

Cut the lower part of the tassel with scissor. Repeat this same process with two same colour of thread.

Step 4: Join the Tassels

After making the tassels from the thread, join the three tassel with each other. Open the top tassel and place a needle in the center of the tassel and join to another tassel with the help of needle again join it with the third tassel.

Step 5: Tie Hook

Fix the pearl to the hook with the thread. Then open the end of an earing and hook it around the tie at the top of the tassel. Secure it closed and trim the remaining thread.

Now you have your very own layered tassel earing! Enjoy your look with your multilayered tassel earing.

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