Introduction: Round Tassel Earing

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We all know very well that girls love to wear earing and they need different earing which can compatible to their different dresses. But it can be expensive to buy so much earing. So that today, we are going to make a round hook tassel earing. We don’t have to spent a lot of money on it, it can be prepared by using the things which can be easily available at your home. Its means you don’t have to run here and there for collecting the materials needed to make the earing. Overall, we can say that in this earing we are saving the purchasing price as well as the material cost. These earing can be compatible with any of your dresses. Here, I am making the tassel with red embroidery thread, but you can use your desired colour of thread. These round tassel earing are trendy and women love to wear it. You can make these earing for your own to look cool and trendy in front of your friends & family or you can gift it to your loved ones to make them happy.


· Hand embroidery thread(red, blue and black)

· Comb

· Scissors

· Golden hoop earing

· Black stones

· Scale

Step 1: Wrap the Thread

Take a scale and wrap the red embroidery thread 150 times and then remove the thread from scale.

Step 2: Cut the Thread

After removing the thread from the scale, cut it with the help of scissor from one side. Repeat the same method for 6 times to make 6 tassels.

Step 3: Fix to Golden Hoop

Take the golden hoop earing and fix the tassel to them with the help of thread. Fix all the tassels in the same manner. Then wrap the knotted area with blue and black thread.

Step 4: Cut the Tassel

After fixing the tassel to the golden hoop, comb the tassel and then cut the extra part of the tassel from the bottom.

Step 5: Stick the Black Stone

It is last step of this procedure and that is pasting the black stone with the help of glue gun on the tassel. And your beautiful earing is ready!!!!

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