Introduction: Pistachio Shell Jewellery

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I suddenly realised to make something which can re-use something anduseful us.And also I want to have fun with this.Recycling the pista shell is not a brilliant idea but it became a beautiful and useful creation.I have been searching for something different and challenging that requires a lot of patience and effort and pistachio jewellery is “So Far So Good”.Instead of throwing them in the trash,it is time to put them in use.By using different colours on them we can create a adorable ornaments.By adding some colours to them can change their look and shows the creativity.It is a easy and cheapest way of creation.It look fashionable and cool on you,it will be compatible with any of your dresses.It will give you a gradient look and you are going to love it.We can use pista shell to make a beautiful jewellery by following the given steps.


· Pistachio shell

· Glue gun

· Acrylic paint

· Scissors

· Cardboard

· Chain

· Golden glitter

· Brush

Step 1: Collecting Pistachio Shells

Firstly, collect some pistachios shell and take some water in a pot and put pistachio shells in to it.Wash the pistachio shell with water and put them on a mat to dry .Then make sure that pistachio shells are completely dried.

Step 2: Colouring the Pistachio Shells

After cleaning the shells,we are going to apply colours on it. Here i am using different shades of blue but you can use your desired colour. and after that let them dry.

Step 3: Cuttting Cardboard

We will take a sheet of cardboard and draw a figure using protector and mark it with the help of pencil.Then cut the marked figure using scissor.

Step 4: Fixing Chain

Take the cut piece of cardboard and make two holes in their corner separately. Then join the chain to that holes of the cardboard piece.

Step 5: Fixing Pistachio Shells on Cardborad

Now Take all the shells and fix them on the cut cardbord piece in a sequenced way as done in the picture with the help of glue gun.

Step 6: Pistachio Flower

Collect some pistachio shells and paint it with your desired colour, here I am using blue colour on 6 pistachio shells and taking another 6 shells and cover them with golden glitter.

Step 7: Pistachio Flower

Take 2 blue shells and fix them with glue gun like a flower bud again these procedure is continued with all 6 blue shells.Fixing 2 golden shells on blue flower buds like a leaves and some thing done with all golden shells. To be clear see pictures..

Step 8: Fixing Pistachio Flower

Now Hang the pistachio flower on the jewellery with the help of glue gun in the both the sides and the middle part.

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