My Dream House By: Marci Martinez Age 10

Introduction: My Dream House By: Marci Martinez Age 10

What did you Make?
I made my dream house. I used all recycled materials to build it, and then I used paint so I could pick the colors I wanted for the walls and furniture. I made it for my dolls to live in.
How did you make it?
I used a lot of cardboard for most of the pieces. A volunteer helped me cut the pieces so they would fit. I also used corks for stools, and egg carton pieces for the toilet and some tables. i also used beads, ribbon, and Popsicle sticks for decorations.
Where did you make it?
I made it in the art room at the boys and girls club.
What did you learn?
I learned that making a house is not as easy as I thought. It also took a lot of time to get all the pieces to look the way I had planned. I am glad I kept working on it for so long because now I have a complete house for my dolls to play in. 

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    9 years ago

    Good job Marci. Nice house. I'm proud!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work Marci. It looks like you had a lot of fun while learning stuff at the same time. Nice house. Keep it up.