Introduction: My First Lightsaber - Nephew Edition

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Now I'm sure most of you will agree that in their life time at what ever stage, everyone has picked up a stick, long tube or even a lightsaber in a toy shop and used it......I'm very guilty of this a few weeks ago ( turns out the other half is not impressed when this happens lol )

So after starting to introduce my 2 year old nephew to the wonder of Star Wars and the Jedi ways at Madam Tussauds in London and that evening this films he has been picking everything up shouting "saber, light light" and bashing everything in sight.

This got me thinking of making a quick and simple lightsaber for him that would not hurt anyone, anything or more importantly himself

And here is what I came up with.....

Step 1: You Will Need.....

A foam tube - I used one I had laying around from a package I received ( just happens to be red )

A foam Matt or some foam for the handle - again I used a gray yoga mat from other projects

Glue gun


Permanent marker

So good new all really cheap and easy to get hold of and if you get more than one tube you can craft you weapons together

Step 2: "crafting You Jedi or With Weapon"

Firstly decide on what type of lightsaber you want, standard, double edge like earth maul all are possible as it just involves moving the hilt.

Once you have decided simply measure a few inches from the bottom of the foam tube and cut a piece that will fit around to make the base of you handle *see pics*

Next cut another piece of foam the same size and this will be the part you use to make the details, you can make what ever shapes you want out of this, I cut to strips to go along the top and bottom of the handle and various other rectangles and circles

Step 3: Glue Glue and Glue Again

Now you have your pieces glue the large handle base to the foam tube making sure to use lots of glue but take care it does not move out the sides

Once stick firmly in place stick the details

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now your almost complete, I used a permanent marker to add some extra details

Step 5: Duel..........

Now complete you can happily duel each other without injury

Obviously I let him win in this pic hhhahah

Enjoy and thanks for viewing