New Knex Concept Gun

Introduction: New Knex Concept Gun

This a knex gun that I came up with it uses a vertical firing pin with auto loader (soon be be a fully automatic) this gun can shoot maybe 20ft at least, but it's only a concept so its not perfect. Also before/ or if any one asks I will post internal pics later

Step 1: Coming Soon

Knex Mech v5

Step 2: Ideas

Anyone have ideas for knex things I should build Next?

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    well i'm sorry to say but this concept is taken apart so there won't be any directions or pictures up, but I took it down so I could make a knex reverse compound crossbow. (Which is done) Pictures will be soon, along with a video of it shooting.


    5 years ago

    How about a kinetic compound bow?