Introduction: Our 2015 Halloween Party

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Great friends, great foods, fun photo booth!

Step 1: Photo Booth

All materials are available at most stores such as Walmart to Dollar Store

Halloween themed balloons

Fall/autumn/Halloween garland

Double side sticky tape

Sticky tape

Push pins

Black and orange streamers

Spider webs

Skeleton garland (a package has at least 10 in them)

1 bamboo (Dollar Store)


Plastic table cloth


Picture props


On one end of your plastic table cloth, wrap it around, covering bamboo, horizontal way, stapler it to secure it onto the bamboo. Since I have windows on the photo booth area, the bamboo can be placed on the windowpane. If you don't have window pane, wrap rope on ends of the bamboo and secure to the wall with push pins.

Cut steamers to the same length of the table cloth, attach them to the cloth with sticky tape

Decorate with garland, attaching to the cloth and to the wall with stick tape and push pins (I have two kinds of garland, Halloween and Fall leaves, so I placed them overlapping one another).

Blow up the balloons and attach streamers on them, place them with alternating colors, as shown on picture

With double side sticky tape, attach individual Skeleton on the wall for additional decoration to the photo booth

And I decorated the windows with spider webs that are attached to the wall and windowpane with double side sticky tape.

Place pumpkins as decoration and picture props for the guests to hold if they'd like to and your photo booth is ready :)

Step 2: Dessert Table

For the dessert table, we have: (Please follow each link given for the instructables!)

chocolate truffle

mousse cake in the form of zombie foot

black cat cookies

anise candy corn meringue

awesome goody bars with Reese's topping

apple ghost meringue

candy corn cookies with banana cream flavored

mousse cake in the form of witches hand

swamp thing drink with frog eggs and worms in them

and candy corn fudge

orange macaron

watermelon meringue pops

NOTE: For orange macs, omit the pumpkin spice and use orange flavoring instead. For watermelon meringue pops, I used Loran flavoring.

Step 3: Bloody Finger - Hot Dog Station

For our meal, we served hot dog which on one of the ends I made a little square cut then a little slice here and there, to make the hot dogs look like fingers once boiled.

On the station table, we provided chopped onion, relish, mustard and ketchup to accompany the buns and the hot dogs. All two packs of hot dogs gone within minutes, it was really fun :)

At this station table, we also had cups filled with gummy worms for the swamp thing drinks, they they have to serve themselves.

Step 4: House Decoration

We bought some small pie pumpkins and plastic decorations and place them above the TV, spread nicely with some tea light battery operated candles.

Wall, bookshelves, doors were covered with spider webs and plastic spiders (Dollar Store)

Spider lights for our stairs, it changes color and kids loved it whenever they rang the bell and we opened the door as the stairs is right in front of our entrance door.

And we placed a blow up pumpkin king at the corner of our porch which kids took picture with as well :)

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