Introduction: Painting With Tape

Hello guys ,today we are going to make a painting using tape

now i may recommend to have an adult if you are a kid because it may take you patience to remove those sticker so that it won't tear your painting

so let's get started


a small,less sticky but high quality tape

a blade/scissor

paint(any three or four)

paint brush

a4 size or more

Step 1: Step 1:make Your Painting Stable

the first thing you need is to keep your painting in place by placing tape at the edges

this will make your painting stable and give you a nice outline border to your painting

Step 2: Step 2:make Diagnols

after stablizing you need to make the pattern for your painting and to do that e are going to place diagnol strips of tape to the paper as shown in the image(i am sorry that you cant see the tape because it is transparent but i am keeping the scale to show you it is diagnol)

also keep a mesure between the strips so that it looks neat

Step 3: Step 3 :do It Again

after that you have to do it again but in the opposite direction

Step 4: Step 4:almost Till the End

when ou finish it may look like the image

now that you finished adding the tape its time for coloring

you may add any color you want but i am going atleast three colors for the pattern

Step 5: Step 5:final Step

after adding color it may look like the picture above

now that done it time to remove the tape

i recommend to use an adults help because i don't want the painting to be destroyed

Step 6: Congragulations!!!!!

congragulations on completing the painting

hope u enjoyed

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