Paper Tree and Butterflies

Introduction: Paper Tree and Butterflies

Sculpt a tree of butterflies out of paper.


printer paper

card stock



Step 1: Butterflies

Cut several square pieces of card stock in different sizes.

Fold each square and cut out half the shape of a butterfly.

Attach butterflies to the tree after creating it.

Step 2: Paper Strips

Strip paper into various lengths.

Apply glue to one side of the paper.

Twist the strip of paper.

Step 3: Roots

Use glue to attach one end of the twist to another.

Step 4: Tree Trunk

Cut wider strips of paper.

Place glue on one side of the paper and twist.

For thicker and denser tree trunks, repeat the steps by placing a twisted piece inside another.

Coil thinner twists around the tree trunk to create bark layers and girth.

Step 5: Branches

Repeat the steps for the tree roots.

Attach them to the top of the trunk.

Add more twists to create fuller branches.

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