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Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy my instructables. This instructable is made for the papercraft contest 2017. I shall show you how to make wonderful lamps entirely from paper. What are we waiting for, lets get doing...

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Paper (The main ingredient)


Scissors or paper cutter


3.7 - 9v battery

Transparent tape or glue

Step 2: Making the Pattern

Take a paper of any size(I have taken A4). Make sure light passes through the paper. Now, draw any pattern on it(Draw it lightly so that there's no need of erasing it later). In this case,it will be a floral pattern. You may draw a pattern of your choice.

Step 3: Cuttinf the Pattern

Now cut the pattern along the borders carefully using a paper cutter or scissors. Refer the image for cutting instructions. Make sure you don't cut it completely or the paper will get separated. I hope you can understand what I mean. : )

Step 4: Preparing the Structure of the Lamp

Cut many patterns and roll the paper to a cylinder. Tape the end or glue it down.

Now for the LEDs

Tape one LED to the bottom of the lamp and connect one wire to each pin of the LED. Now make sure the lamp stands vertically.

Step 5: Final Assembly

Now connect the terminals of the battery to the appropriate terminals of the LED (wires connected).

Small pin of LED - Negative terminal of battery

Large pin -Positive terminal of battery

And there you go! The lamp glows to give a wonderful look. Make many such lamps and see the beauty.

Hope you've liked it. If you feel my craft is good enough for the Papercraft contest, please give me a vote. Thanks guys.

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