Introduction: Pearl Anklet

This Pearl Anklet is the one of the legit easiest Anklets you can make! You don't even have to thread a bead on! Just look down below to grab your supplies and let's get started!


String/Thread (of any color), **stick on** Pearl Bead

Step 1: Cut Your String

Here you will need to cut TWO pieces of string that can fit your ankle size. Here, I would suggest first wrapping a single piece of string around your foot to measure it then cut the two pieces that size. **you can always trim the string later, if the anklet is too big**

Step 2: Tie Your String

Now, you are going to Tie little knots on your string on both ends. Remember - **don't tie to far into your string or your anklet will not fit your ankle size**

Step 3: Fitting to Your Ankle

Now, you are going to Fit the Anklet to your ankle. You are first going to **lay** your Tied String on your ankle **DO NOT PUT IT THROUGH THE CIRCLE** Then, you will hold both ends of the circle and loop one end through the other end. The anklet should stay put if you did it correctly!

Step 4: Add Stick on Pearl

Now for the EASIEST part! You are just going to take a stick on Pearl Bead and stick it right on top of your anklet!

Step 5: Wear and Enjoy!

Now you can Wear and Enjoy your Anklet! I really hope this craft idea exceeded your expectations and you are satisfied with your ending product!

** this can also be worn as a bracelet :) **

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