Introduction: Percy Jackson Necklace

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I will show you how to make a Percy Jackson necklace to add to your costume or as a gift for a friend.

Step 1: Get the Products

You will need:
-Sharpies or paint
-Some type of string or cord (leather/fake leather is the most book accurate)
-(Optional) Latch for a necklace
-(Possibly) Hot glue gun and glue
-(Optional) Gloves
I got all of this minus the sharpies at my local Michael's. You don't have to get what I am showing you but this is what I used.

Note: this is only for the first four beads, since I made mine as a Percy Jackson Necklace. Feel free to add on pictures in the comments to show others your necklace if you add other beads or such.

Step 2: The Cord and Latch

Originally I used the first cord which came with the first latch. It was cheap but it got the job done and looked decent. I then switched over to a leather like cord and bought a magnetic latch to go with it. All of this was bought at Michael's. Once you know which one you want figure out the length you would want it and then put it aside.

Note: you will want to make sure to leave some extra room until the end just in case you need to tie it off.

Step 3: Bead #1: Trident

This bead is pretty simple. It's just a black background with a green trident. You may want to put gloves on for this one since the whole thing will be colored/painted.

For my design I went with a pointed trident with a little lip at the bottom. There is no one way to have it so feel free to change it. Once I colored my trident I went over everything else in black. Keep in mind you can always make it smaller, but you can't make it bigger.

Step 4: Bead #2: Thalia's Pine Tree

Not the most complicated but not the easiest. All you need to draw for this is a pine tree with a small yellow/gold rectangle near the bottom. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want.

Note: after some use and spinning, this bead starts to have some red and black rubbed off onto the sides. To me its not a huge deal, but there are ways to prevent this if you care.

Step 5: Bead #3: the Labyrinth

This is easily the most complicated piece of it all. The way I made it is I colored the whole thing red (you may want gloves again) and then drew circles near the edges like shown and figured out how many spaces I would have. I used this to plan out exactly how it would go down to each line. You don't have to do this but you can if you want to.

Note: this one can get messy when coloring the whole thing red with sharpie. This can be prevented with gloves or by waiting for it to dry on each side, but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Well some people do, but I didn't at the time. You can see it on the sharpie where all the wet ink rubbed off.

Step 6: Bead #4: the Empire State Building

For this one i just looked at the cover of The Lightning Thief and drew what I saw. At the time I made this, I was taking an art class and learning about shading and stuff so I used the dot technique to shade since there really is not coloring lightly with sharpie... Shading isn't really necessary but it adds a nice touch.

Note: the labyrinth bead rubs off a little onto this bead as well.

Step 7: Put Together Time!

Now that everything is dried (if you have the time and patience) thread the beads onto whatever you are using for the cord. If the hole looks a little like the first picture, take a pair of scissors or a knife and just twist it in there to clear it out. Once it's all threaded glue or tie the latch, or if you choose to opt out of that, just tie the ends of the cord together.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Fine Piece of Jewelry!

Wear this proudly and think about adding in a shirt if you don't already have one. Just don't use a purple one... That's just a bad idea...

If you are wondering about the box, it's just a simple origami box on orange paper. One side had simple stuff printed on it. If there is interest I will make a tutorial video and include the design.

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