Introduction: Phoenix Earrings

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This is an instructable on how to shrink Fimo pictures into miniscule multiple minis.

I saw a „how to“ instruction on this years ago and have wanted to try it myself ever since. To be honest I never believed it would work, but I was clearly wrong!

Step 1: The Picture

I used a glass from an old picture frame and drew my sketch on the backside. Then I kneaded my Fimo (using mostly leftovers) and put it into my „pattern“. (About 1/2 cm in height)

Step 2: Shrinking

Once my pheonix was finished I flattened it with a rolling pin. (Carefully, just to smooth the top). Then It used a ruler to carefully push inward. I changed directions frequently.

Once the picture was compact, I started rolling it with my flat hand, as I would with clay. Eventually this resulted in a tube of about 1/2 inch in diameter.

Step 3:

Now I cut the tube and voila my original 10cm (4 inch) picture was still well recognizable, even though the tube was thinner than a cent piece.

Now I only had to cut, flatten and bake the Fimo according to instructions.
Finally I glued my pheonixes to earringthingies, done!

Step 4: Be Proud

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