Introduction: Phone Case Notepad

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Sometimes a pad of paper is just what we need to organize our thoughts or pass on a note. Although you may not be able to easily carry around paper and pencil all the time, you probably have your phone near you when you are out and about. The Phone Case Notepad will solve your problem, giving you a pad of paper and a pencil whenever you have your phone on you. Occasionally the old way trumps the new way.

Step 1: Supplies and Materials


  • Phone or Phone Case
  • Ruler
  • Golf Pencil (or a small pencil)
  • Wax Paper
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1/2 Pad of Sticky Notes
  • Paper Cutter

Step 2: Make the Notepad

To get an idea of how large the note paper can be on your phone, place the pencil on the edge of the phone/phone case and measure the remaining amount of space. I would measure using centimeters and round down to the nearest centimeter or half centimeter. Using this measurement and the paper cutter, cut the sticky notes with the paper cutter.

Then spread a thin layer of hot glue along the top edge of the sticky notes (the sticky end). This will make sure the paper doesn't come off extremely easily.

Step 3: Prepare the Materials

Before you start applying hot glue you need to prepare the phone/phone case and the pencil so that the glue does not stick to them. To do this completely cover the phone/case in a layer of wax paper. If needed, secure it with tape. Then repeat with the pencil, wrapping it with wax paper.

If you are using a phone case and want this to be relatively permanent, covering the case in wax paper is not necessary. If this is so, skip the next step as well.


Wrap the wax paper as tight around the object as possible so that the hot glue case fits as snugly as possible.

Step 4: Hot Glue the Frame

With everything prepared you can move on to hot gluing! Heat up your hot glue gun and follow the outer lines of the case. Make the lines as straight as you can and it should create a basic rectangle shape the size of the phone.

Now you have to make the way for the case to "snap" on and off. Cover each corner of the phone/phone case with hot glue. Then go over the lines you made at the beginning of this step with another layer of hot glue. Try to keep these as straight as possible.


Skip this step if you are gluing the paper directly to the phone case you already have.

Step 5: Attach the Paper

Now comes the easiest part. Position the small pad of sticky notes you made earlier on the edge of the case. It felt natural for me to put the paper on the left side, but it doesn't matter. Make a mark or two at the top of the pad with a pencil and briefly set the paper aside.

With the hot glue gun make a straight line using the pencil mark(s) you just made. The line should touch the edge of the case made in the last step and extend to the end of where the pad of paper will be. Quickly, before the glue dries, place the paper on top of the line of glue. Let it harden for a second before making the next line of hot glue. This second line should extend from the free end of the last line to the top of the hot glue case. This line is there to secure the paper from moving around a lot.

Step 6: Make the Pencil Holder

Making the pencil holder is actually quite easy. First put the pencil in the spot you want it. Then coat the end with hot glue as shown in the first image. This creates a pocket for the pencil to stay in.

Lift up the pencil a little and put a little bit of hot glue where a centimeter or two from the tip would rest. (I put it where the tip would rest before realizing that if the pencil gets sharpened it will not hold very well.) Place the pencil into that pool of glue, pressing down on it. Then build the hot glue up around the pencil. Make sure that you do not go all the way around or the pencil will be stuck in.

Once this has dried you can carefully remove the pencil and its wax paper casing.

Step 7: Remove the Wax Paper

Slowly and carefully remove the wax paper. This process is a bit slow, but the more wax paper you are able to get off the better.

Once all the wax paper is gone attach your case onto your phone or your phone case and start writing!

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