Introduction: Pick Holder Pendant

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It looks like I become a little obsesed with picks lately :D

I got a new idea of making a jewelry, which can be also useful for something. I created this pendant from wire, which is holding a detachable plectrum inside.

Things you'll need:

- pencil and paper
- plectrum
- wire (you can use a different type of wire. I used really tight one (I make a chainmail armor of it..) so I coudln't make exact pattern I designed)
- pliers
- ring ( you will find here how to make one )
- leather or chain or something to hang a pendant on


Draw down your plectrum and design your pattern 

- cut a piece of wire and start forming it

- attach a metal ring and hang it on a leather string

- (you can slightly upgrade your design as I did, because of tough wire)

- You can also paint it, but I like the metalic look of the wire

- insert your pick into the pendant

- proudly wear it! (and when you meet a lovely lady just pull it out and play)

That's all! ;)

If you have any questions or ideas etc. just write a comment!