Introduction: Play House With Tetrapack`s

- We can give tetrapack milk boxes (or any kind of Juice etc.) a new lease of life with upcycling and reuse. I created a play house for my son using tetrapack milk boxes

- After making house we decorated with few crafts and my son enjoys playing inside the tetrapack house.

- You can make this house in your open lawn or in your kids room itself

Items needed:

- Tetrapack milk boxes, as many as you can, depending upon the size required

- Cello tape rolls

- Packaging Carton, Optional

- Glue

Step 1: BASIC STEP: Joining the Tetrapack´s

- Basic step to follow in making tetrapack house is attaching all boxes and alligning one above the other

- This step is followed for making all side walls and even front portion and the way we allign depends on design we create.

- First we need to collect tetrapack boxes and keep ready. As we need many boxes it takes little time to collect them. (Make sure you clean them while collecting and close them tightly)

- I have taken 2 tetrapack boxes and attached them using cello tape. Wind the tape completely around 2 boxes as shown in my images and join them

- Similarly take 2 more tetrapack boxes and attach them by winding completely with tape.

- Now attach all 4 boxes by winding cellotape all around 4 boxes.You can also use glue to attach depending on your choice.

- Continue attaching depending on the number of boxes in a row with this basic procedure

Step 2: Making Wall Sections

- I made the house at the corner of my kids room which is already with a back and side wall. So i just made front region with open door and one side wall with window.

- If your making in open lawn then you need to make 2 side walls along with back and front following same procedure of attaching and alligning

- For making side wall first we need to be sure with design.

- I made side wall with small window so that my side wall had total of 6 rows with 8 boxes in first and the last 3 rows

- To create window as an opening i used only 4 boxes with 2 on left corner and 2 on right corner for 2nd and 3rd rows

- After attaching each individual boxes to row we need to allign one row with other. For alligning one row with other i used cellotape for wrapping the rows completely as shown in my image.

- Attach one row with other in such a way that caps of all boxes are in same row. Place one row of boxes with caps at top and other row in inverted direction with caps down so that all will be in same row.

- TIP: Fill the base row of Tetrapacks with water, to make the whole contruction stable.

Step 3: Making Front Section

- In front region we need door with large opening. For this first i made total of 6 rows with 6 boxes in each row.

- First make all individual rows by attaching with cello tape. After making 6 individual rows allign all the boxes one above the other by joining them using tape

- This makes the front portion which we attach near side wall of room.(rooms side wall)

- Now take the prepared tetrapack side wall and place it joining the back wall of the room. After joining we get closed room with 2 side walls,front and back wall with door opening

- I created an arch for the door by attaching 6 individual tetrapack boxes and joined them to the first row of top region with tape.

Step 4: Making Roof and Decorating

- I made roof using Packaging Carton by just shaping it as sides of a Roof.

- You can also prepare roof using same tetrapack boxes, using cloth or papers as per your choice

- Finally decorate the house with toys and crafts. We made minions paintings and paper fish.

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