Introduction: Porg Makeup From StarWars

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I know, I know. This looks creepy! I get it! But I had a lot of fun with this. Haha I LIKE IT OKAY! I hope you like it too. Let me know what you think?

Step 1: Outline

I took my white eyeliner pencil to map out the face. I made big eyes, frown face, and the nose.

Step 2: White

I used a white body paint to fill in between the eyes, around the eyes, and down around the mouth area.

Step 3: Light Brown

I went around the white with a light brown from Mehron. I'm using swiping motions to give a fur texture. I then took a detailed brush and dipped into orange and yellow and lightly added it on top of the light brown.

Step 4: Dark Brown

I took dark brown body paint and covered the rest of my face with it.

Step 5: Mouth

I took a black body paint from Mehron and made the frown that they have

Step 6: Shadow

I took medium brown from my BH cosmetics contour kit and shadowed under the mouth and around the ends of the frown. I also dusted that color over the white to help with the fur texture.

Step 7: Nose

Because I was already working with the contour color I used that to shadow around the nose, then I took a black body paint from Mehron and made the nostrils. I'm extending them past my nose.

Step 8: Eyes and Ears

So I used white body paint from Mehron to add the shine to the eye, I did this first so that the black wont muddy up the white. I then took black body paint from Mehron and filled in the rest of the eye. I kept that black out the blacked out my ears because the Porg don't have any ears.

Step 9: Round

I used black body paint to go around my face to black out my hair and also round my face out a little more. They have really round faces.

Step 10: Body

Last step is the body, I didn't do much on the body because they don't have much going on. I used white in the center and light brown and dark brown around the sides. That's it! Creepy, I know. But I think it's still kinda cute. XD Don't hate!

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