Introduction: Predator Face Paint!

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This was a request! I love doing requests, it shows me that you guys are truly interested in my work and also opens up new creative ideas that I didn't even think of! Thanks for all the support. <3 Please continue to support me by subscribing to my youtube page!

Step 1: Start

To start off I used my white eyeliner pencil to map out what I wanted to do. This look is mainly just a mouth. haha.

Step 2: Gums

Next I painted in the gums, I used peach from Mehron to do so. I kept little curves in the line where the teeth would be painted on.

Step 3: Black

Taking a black body paint from Mehron I filled in the mouth, being sure to not get any on the gums or where the teeth will later be painted on.

Step 4: Teeth

Using a white body paint I filled in where I wanted the teeth to go.

Step 5: Base

For the base of the face I used a tan body paint, I mixed together brown, white, and yellow body paint from mehron to get this color.

Step 6: Smoky Eyes ;)

I took that black body paint from Mehron and put it on the eyelid then I took a back eyeshadow from Urban Decay called 'Black Out' to smoke out the black lids.

Step 7: Outlines

I used a brown body paint to outline everything. I also used it to start mapping out wrinkles, teeth, and the brow bone.

Step 8: Shadowing

To start the shadowing I took a brown eyeshadow and started going over all the lines I just added with that brown body paint. I also made sure to shadow around the teeth.

Step 9: Detailed Shadowing

So taking that some brown eyeshadow I started adding some more detail in a shadowing way. I made the brow bone longer, I added more shadows to the wrinkles, ect.

Step 10: Highlights

For the highlights I'm using a white body paint from Mehron on a detailed brush and lightly adding it all over.

Step 11: Teeth Detail

I used that same brown shadow to shadow the teeth and make them look more realistic.

Step 12: DOTS

I first used black body paint to make dots on the top of my head, then I used white body paint to make more, I then used brown eyeshadow to add faded dots and last I took brown body paint to add more dots. LOTS OF DOTS~!

Step 13: DrOOOOOOL

I used a very watered down white body paint to add slobber dripping off the teeth. =)

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