Introduction: Rainbow Egg Dyeing With Colored Rice

-Making diffrent colored rice and dyeing eggs with it will be perfect fun for kids during summer holidays.

-These rainbow eggs are even perfect for weddings during easter time and other kids parties.



-Diffrent food colors

- Hard boiled Eggs

Step 1: First Method of Egg Dyeing(zip Lock Method)

-Take about 1/4 cup rice in ziplock bag and add 5 to 6 drops of food coloring to it ,lock it and just shake so that you get colored rice. I used natural home made food colors using our veggies(beets,spinat,turmeric)

-Now add hard boiled egg to it ,lock the bag and you can give your kid to shake for fun.

-In few minutes you can see beautiful colored egg.

Step 2: Using Diffrent Colors

-Using diffrent colored rice we dyed the eggs.

Step 3: Tupper Ware Bowl Method:

-Take rice in your box and add few drops of food color,close and shake.

- Now add egg, close the lid and shake and shake for few minutes.

-Remove and dry your eggs for some time.

Step 4: Dyeing Eggs With Onion Skin:

-Another natural way of dyeing eggs is using onion skins.


-onion skin

-un boiled egg




Step 5: Procedure

-Wet the onion skins and cloth in water.

-spread the cloth .wrap the egg with onion skin and put in cloth and tie it tigthly.

-Take a vessel and add water , little salt to it and put the cloth inside the water

-After 15 minutes when egg is perfectly boiled remove the cloth and allow to cool

-slowly unwrap and njoy the beautiful brown colored can spread little oil on it for a shine

Step 6: Colored Rice Uses:

-You may get a doubt what to do with this colored rice.

-you can use this colored rice as candle holders.

-Take a mason jar and add this colored rice to it. When you put a candle and lighten it you will see a beautiful candle holder ready for decoration.

Step 7: Colored Rice As Art for Kids

- Dry the rice and you can make some funny art with this colored rice.Just draw the outline and using gum or fevicol you can stick the rice on it.

-As you see my kid has made sea horse with it:)

-You may even hide some alphabets and tell them to search for 2yr old kids.

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