Introduction: Resizable Ring in Less Than Ten Steps

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Do you have jewelry wire that you're wanting to make something with? Want to start with something simple, but cool? Well, here's a ring you can make in less than ten steps! Let's get started!


  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry wire
  • A round object the same size as your finger

Step 1: Create the First Finger Loop of the Ring

Using a round object that is about the same size as your finger, wrap the wire around it about one and a half times. If you would like your ring to be able to change its size in a larger amount, then you may wrap it around more. This will be the first finger loop.

Step 2: Anchor the End of the Ring

Next, loosely wrap the end of the wire around the finger loop that was just created. This will keep your work from being undone.

Step 3: Add Diagonal Length to the Ring

Gently pull the wire and wrap it halfway around the round object. This time, instead of using wire to bypass around the round object, stretch the wire around it diagonally.

Step 4: Add a Second Finger Loop

While being careful to not damage the diagonal part of the ring, wrap it directly around the round object.

Step 5: Anchor the Second Finger Loop

Once you have looped it around about one and a half times, snip it off at the bottom. Twist the end of this second finger loop around itself as you did with the first finger loop.

Step 6: Finish the First Loop

Now that the shape of the ring is complete, take a pliers and gently wrap the wire around itself. When you do this, make sure not to loop it around too tight or you won't be able to resize it!

Step 7: Finish the Second Loop

Use pliers to gently wrap the wire around itself. When you do this, make sure not to wrap it around too tight or you won't be able to resize it! Now, your ring should look like the second picture above.

Step 8: Resizing the Ring

To resize the ring, gently pull on the part of the ring with the wire wrapped around itself. You can do this on both loops of the ring. Look at the picture above.

Step 9: Different Sizes of the Ring

Now, you can resize your ring! Have it as little or big as you want! Of course, that depends on how much wire you used to create the finger loops.

Step 10: Finished!

Your ring is finished! Hope you enjoy wearing it, or if it's not for you, your friend or family member will!

Thank you for reading my instructable!🙂

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