Introduction: Rose Clay Project

It’s easy just have patients


The supplies we will need for this project isn’t much are you will need is your hand in water as well as 1 pound of clay you do not have to use 1 pound if you would like this project smaller are use 1 pound personally because I wanted is big huge flower

Step 1:

Step one grab a pice of clay the size about the size of a golf ball Roll it in your palm if the Clay feels dry or if it’s cracking add a little bit of water and continue to roll

Step 2:

Step to flatten the ball that you rolled in step one and make it into a sort of like circular form if you push down and the clay begins to crack you can try to add water to stop the clay from cracking and or fix the cracking but if not restart the steps again you’re going to want to make about 20 of these Rose petals they do not have to be quite perfect because not all flowers are perfect later we are going to add the roses on to A form.

Step 3:

Step 3 with the flatten piece of clay that you did in step three slightly roll into a burrito like form This is going to be the base of the project so make sure that your clay is not too thin but about an Half inch thick

Step 4:

With the rest of the flat in pieces that you have you will be adding them to the first rolled peace This is going to start to form your flower

Step 5:

Make sure after each rose petal you smooth it onto the base so your flower comes out nice and does not fall apart

Step 6:

Lastly keep on adding the petals and eventually a flower like formal form if you want to be extra and add more detail you can Bing the rose petals different ways to make it look more Realistic now I hope you have learned to make a rose thank you for your time