Introduction: Sally From Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup Transformation

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Step 1: First Step

map out your idea then fill in your face with a teal color leaving the eyes blank.

Step 2: Eyes

shade the outside of the eyes with a blue eye shadow, put dark blue above the eye, outline the eye in black, then fill in with white.

Step 3: Eye Detail

Using black put the eyebrow and pupil.

Step 4: Lips

fill your lips in with red

Step 5: Stiches

using dark blue add the main lines, use black to dot by the stiches,then use black eyeshadow to make shadows under the stiches, the use white to highlight.

Step 6: Body

fill your neck in with green, then one side of your body yellow and the other orange.

Step 7: Repeat

repeat same step for stiches.

Step 8: Details

add outline and stick marks for clothing, then an swirly look to the yellow side.

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