Introduction: Salt Dough Lord Ganesha

-Ganesh chathurthi also known as vinayaka chathurthi is hindu festival on occassion of Lord ganesha`s birthday,celebrates him as god of good begginings,prosperity and obstacle remover.
-It is celebrated throughout india where lord ganesha idols are placed in homes and also publicly on elaborate pandals(temporary stage)
-The festival is celebrated for 10 days offering prayers.After 10th day idol is carried in public procession with music and group chanting then immersed in nearby body such as river or ocean,therefore clay idol dissolves and ganesha is believed to return to mount kailasha to parvati and shiva
.-Here i prepared ganesha with salt dough. salt dough can be used to create various crafts,sculpture and ornaments.
Ingredients for making salt dough:
-All purpose flour one cup
-salt half cup
-water 3/4 cup

Step 1: Procedure for Making Salt Dough

Basic steps to make salt dough:

-Take a bowl and add 1 cup flour,half cup salt ,pinch of turmeric to it and mix properly.

-Now add water and stir thoroughly until all clumps has been removed from mixture.It should attain a dough consistency

-Now transfer the dough on flat surface and knead the dough until it is smooth and thick

-If the dough is very sticky add little flour and if it is very dry add little water and knead

Step 2: Procedure for Making Salt Dough Ganesha

- First we need to make small round balls of various sizes as shown in my images

-One very large ball( form stomach)

-2 medium size balls( one ball forms base and other ball forms head)

-2 small balls form legs

-2 very small balls form hands

Apart from this we need to make 4 more tiny balls 2 for ears and 2 for eyes and even one more ball for trunk

By using these balls we will make all body parts

Step 3: Forming Base

-First take one medium size ball out of 2 balls and form the base by flattening it as shown in my image

Step 4: Forming Stomach

-Take the first very large ball and place on base to form stomach. Stomach should be placed little back on the base and not at the centre position. Apply just very little water and it gets sticked.

-Just level the back after placing stomach so that its even all over.

Step 5: Form Legs

-After we create stomach next step is to make legs.

-Take 2 small balls and just roll them like stick,press at the ends and bend the ends little back as shown in my images

Step 6: Form Hands

Now we are taking 2 very small balls.Make small sticks and bend them in to v shape

Step 7: Fixing Legs and Hands

-Fold 2 legs and place at the 2 sides of stomach.

-Place v shaped hands above the legs.Slightly press and make the end of one hand little straight as shown in my images

Step 8: Forming Head and Trunk

-We formed base with one medium size ball. Now take the 2nd medium size ball and place on stomach to form head and smoothen the back to level it.

-To form trunk make another small ball ,shape the ball into stick and form cone shape as shown in my images and fix the trunk in the middle of head and stomach and slightly bend the edges of trunk towards side.

Step 9: Making Ears and Eyes

-Make 2 more tiny balls for ears.Fix them and press in the middle, top and bottom to flatten it.similarly make 2 tiny balls for eyes and fix them.

Step 10: Making Crown

-Final step is to make crown. For this make 3 small balls of diffrent sizes.

-Press them and place one above the other.

place another small ball at the centre of crown

-Fix the crown on the top of head