Introduction: School Time Cardboard Horns

Hey everyone! During junior School times me and my friend used to fairy and witch game during free period. For making it quiet real we give horn party cap to witch and wings cap to fairy made of cardboard. So in this instructable I am going to share that cardboard horns and I replace party cap with head band. You are really going to enjoy that. It not totally comes out as I expect but it's really fun to making it and reminds me old silly and fun games. So let's get wooohuuu.


1.Cardboard clothe
5.the person going to make it(most essential)

Step 1: Making Horns Out of Cardboard

Cut cardboard into two equal strips.(moooore length and breath give you giant horns) . Now fold a small triangle at one end of strip. Then turned it round and round in shape of tower. When you are done bent it slowly in shape of horns. And then secure the end with tape or glue.

Step 2: Attaching the Head Band and the Horns

Attach them using glue or black tape.

Step 3: Covering the Horns With Black Clothes

I use my old velvet pants to cover them. First you have to cut your clothes into strip and then just want it.

Step 4: No More Steps You Are Done But Read It!!(okay If You Want)

Here you are done you can also cover the horns in unicorn color or brown color and adding flowers to it. Thanks for reading if you make that share it with me and also thanks for reading this step which is not actually step.

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