Introduction: Scrappy Bunny Puppy Buddy

Create a stuffed rabbit companion for your dog using scraps of sleeves from old dress shirts. By the completion of this project, you should be left with no scraps.


sleeves of old dress shirts




pinking shears (optional)

Step 1: Sleeves

Collect scraps of sleeves.

Step 2: Body Parts

Use a pencil or pen to draw the patterns onto the sleeves: ears, head, body, arms, legs, and tail.

Step 3: Sew

Cut out the parts.

Sew each part of the bunny, leaving an opening.

Turn it inside out.

Step 4: Stuff

Cut into small pieces the leftover scraps.

Stuff some of the material into the body part and sew shut.

The ears do not have to be stuffed.

Step 5: Attach Parts

Cut more sleeves into smaller pieces for the stuffing.

Stuff more body parts.

Sew each individual part and attach the pieces together.

Tie another scrap piece around the neck of the bunny.

Step 6: Button Eyes

Take off 2 buttons from the sleeve cuffs.

Sew them onto the bunny face for eyes.

Use red thread to sew a mouth.

Use dark thread to sew a nose.

Step 7: Sleeping Bag

Sew together the cuffs of a cufflink dress shirt.

Use thin scraps to thread through the (cufflink) holes on one side.

Roll the sleeping bag and tie the scraps together.

Step 8: Pillow

Cut more sleeves into smaller scraps.

Cut one rectangular shape from a sleeve and sew the sides, leaving an opening.

Turn inside out.

Stuff the open end of the pillow with the scrap fillers.

Sew this last side of the pillow.

Step 9: Cuff Outfit

Use the 2 cuffs as clothing for the bunny.

Step 10: Bedtime Naptime

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