Introduction: Scratch Building Star-Fighters

We all know the famous film series Star Wars and also love the amazing ships created by COLIN CANTWELL,

I love the wing series and different types of TIE fighters.

so here are some ideas for scratch building some starfighters.



for this project, you will need :

1. Pen

2. Plastic beads

3. 2mm acrylic sheet(white)

4. 3mm acrylic sheet(black)

5. Hacksaw

6. File

7. sandpaper

Step 1: Making the Main Frame

1. Take a pen and cut it with a hacksaw, then fix it like a drilling bid and file the rough ends as shown in the image above.

2. attach the front part of the pen to the body we made for the mainframe as shown.

3. Now stick te plastic bead to the mainframe as shown.

Step 2: Making the Wings

1. Take a white acrylic sheet and sand it with a 250 grid sandpaper.

2. draw the wings and stick it to the acrylic sheet as shown above.

3.cut out the wings and stick it to the main body making a bend.

here I have the templates uploaded.

Step 3: Making the Base

1. take a 3mm acrylic sheet according to the size u like and sand it for better effect.

2. then cut a brass wire of 1.5mm thickness and stick it in the acrylic piece.

Step 4: Detailing

draw or chisel the lines according to your wish.

Step 5: Try Making With Your Own Ideas Similar to This Starfighter

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