Introduction: Soft Sculpture Intestines By: Wyatt Borders Age 7

What did you Make?
I made a soft sculpture of the small intestine. I used yellow fabric because I thought that is what they might look like inside of your body. 
How did you make it?
I cut a long  rectangle of fabric and then I folded it in half. I sewed it down on side and then stuffed it at each end. then I hot glued the sides together so it would look like it was all folded up.
Where did you make it?
I made it in the art room at the boys and girls club. It was the project of the week, and we made enough organs to form an entire body.
What did you learn?
I got a lot better at sewing by making this project. I also got really interested in the body and I made more pieces for this project like the spinal cord. 

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