Introduction: Summer Denim Beaded Bracelet

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What screams summer more than wearing a braided denim bracelet with pops of color in it? This project makes use of your old pair of blue jeans or scraps of denim and turns them into something new! Your new bracelet will bring fashionable fun to any summer day!

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Colorful beads
  • Segment of an old pair of blue jeans
  • Needle, straight pin, and thread

Step 1: The Cutting

Take your blue jean segment, and cut out a long rectangle. Mine was about 11 inches long. The width doesn't matter. You will be cutting 3 long, narrow strips from this rectangle to use for the bracelet. The rest of the denim can be saved for future projects. Once you have your strips, grab one end of each and line them up with each other. After they are alined, sew the ends that you are holding together.

Step 2: Getting Started

Tape the end of the bracelet you just sewed down to your workplace. Make sure the end is strongly secured to your workspace before starting to braid a few centimeters into the bracelet.

Step 3: Adding Beads

Along the way you may want to add beads. In order to do this, take the end of whichever strip you want the bead to go onto. Roll the end up tightly, and stick it at the very tip with a pin. Choose your bead based on how large the hole is compared to the strip. Some strips may be narrower than others. Pull the pin attached to the strip through your bead until it reaches the other side of the bead. Remove the pin, and pull the bead down to where you are braiding.

Continue braiding until you wish to add another bead. After you have braided the entire bracelet, sew the 3 strips' ends together just as you did the others in Step 1.

Step 4: Finishing

To finish your bracelet, figure out how large or small you want it to be. It should be large enough to slip off your wrist and put back on easily. Once you have figured out exactly how large you would like it to be, hold the 2 ends of your bracelet together. Sew them strongly and securely.

Step 5: You Are Done!

Good job! You have finished your summer denim bracelet! I hope you enjoy all the fashionable fun it brings! :)

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