Introduction: Take Photographs With Just Your Left Hand (dSLR Camera).

For Instructables you sometimes need your right hand in the picture to demonstrate a point. Photographing with your left hand is impossible: the grip of a SLR camera is on the right handside and so is the shutter button.
Turning your camera upside down will place the grip on the left side and now you can take pictures with your little finger. However, you will immediately notice that the ergonomics are wrong. The camera tends to slip out of your hands.

This little device can help you.

You need: an Aluminium strip of 100 x 25 x 2 mm.
Bend it at approximatey 30 mm form the end. Make a fairly large bend as your thumb has to fit in.
Drill a 6 mm hole on the other end of the strip and install it on your camera.