Introduction: Tibetan Style Chips Stone Earrings

About: Hi, guys! I love making tiny things by myself, once, I had a chance to make a pair of earrings for my friends, and she love it so much, so after that, I love putting beads and jewelry supplies together to make…

From now on, I will share you some jewelry creation ideas with materials that needed, if you like it, you are welcomed to leaf a message.

Today’s tutorial is a pair if earrings with turquoise chip beads, turquoise is a color that very suit for summer, and chandelier earrings give you an antique temperament, it’s very simple.

Step 1: Jewelry Making Supplies That You Needed Are:

Synthetic Turquoise Beads in Chips

Iron Silver Earring Hooks

Tibetan Style Rhinestone Settings

Iron Eye pins

Iron Headpins


Step 2:

Steps are simple , you just need to make some unit for making turquoise links with headpins and eyes pins

Step 3:

And the attache the links to the Tibetan chandelier component

Step 4:

And attache the earrings hooks to the chandelier component, which I have done before attaching the turquoise links, before or after , there’s no difference.

Step 5:

And voila, the earrings are accomplished, it will take you less than 10 minutes.