Introduction: Tie to Glasses Case - Padded

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A box of ties has found me and I have played around with them for a while. In this instructable I will show you how to sew a padded glasses case.


a tie
foam (I used some that came as a wrapping)
a pair of scissors
a button
a pair of glasses

Step 1: Prepare the Padding

Lay your tie onto the foam and trace around it. Cut out the foam. You will want to insert it into the tie later, so cut on the inside of your trace rather than the outside. Your cut out piece must be a bit smaller than the tie.

Step 2: Pad the Tie

The foam I used was ok to pull, it didn‘t tear easily. You should test your foam before you use it. It can be frustrating if you cannot pull it in place.

Push the foam into the tie as deep as you can. Then wiggle your fingers in through the small end and gently pull the foam into the tie.
Once the tie is nicely padded close both ends. At the small end push the open end inside the tie and sew closed. At the wider end follow the obvious lines and sew shut. (See photo)

Step 3: Close the Case

Almost there!

You only sew two straight lines. Take the endpiece (the smaller one and pull it to the top. Align the corners. Sew along the side. Do the same on the other side. Now your case is almost finished. You already have created a little cavey thing by sewing the last two seams. (Check photos)

Step 4: Button Up

The last thing you need to do is add a buttonhole, a button and a pair of glasses to put into the case!! 😀😎

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